Another successful TLA Conference

Another successful TLA Conference

The rest of the #txla15 conference was a blast. I made some great connections for what we hope will be a second year for ‘Bots and Books. I didn’t go on Friday because I couldn’t stand to be away from my kids for another day. So Thursday night was my big finale with the Book Cart Drill Team Competition and the Storytelling Concert. Couldn’t have ended on a better note, really. Although my phone was practically dead, I did manage to get videos from both. Here you go!

The Capital Funk Crew from Austin ISD

The Bibliophiles from Austin Public Library

The Bee Side Story from Bee Cave Public Library

The Hip Hop Librarians from Round Rock ISD

The Database Darlings from Texas State University

And finally, the male prairie chickens at the Storytelling Concert provided much entertainment while dancing to Lucas Miller’s Prairie Chicken Boogie.

I used to plan political and fundraising events for a living. Even weddings when I had to. *shudders at the memory* I was one of many who worked on the Presidential Debate when one took place in Austin back in 2008. And I cannot image how much work goes into making such a big conference run so smoothly. There were some issues with the app, but I can honestly say that was the biggest problem I saw, though I did not spend a lot of time in the exhibits or in the author sessions. The Austin Convention Center has some serious design flaws, but it is really the only venue in town. I think the last numbers I heard were that we were 33 people short of 8,000 attendees! The staff of the Texas Library Association did good work!

As usual, my brain will be on overdrive for weeks with all of the wonderful information I discovered. But I made sure to have a slow weekend before getting back to prepping for my Customer Service workshop.

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