Library becomes focal point for items scattered by floodwaters

Library becomes focal point for items scattered by floodwaters

Proud to know and work with these Texas librarians! This is what I call “find a hole and fill it.”

via Library becomes focal point for items scattered by floodwaters.

WIMBERLEY, Texas – The Wimberley Public Library has set aside a room for the sole purpose of drying out flood-soaked photos found by citizens in debris all over the area.

Since Monday citizens have brought in hundreds of photographs they found scattered by floodwaters which pounded the area this weekend.

Good Samaritans who have brought the pictures to the library have no idea who they belong to.

“Bringing people their mementos back is an important, small thing we can do to help people get their lives back and these are irreplaceable. You can get a new bed or a new TV, but these kinds of things you don’t have any more,” said Susan Nenney, a Wimberley resident who brought in a pile of pictures she found near an area known as Little Arkansas.

There are old black and white photos, a violin in its case, jewelry, paintings and even saw a sculpture.

The items will be kept at the Wimberley Library until their rightful owners come by to pick them up.

KVUE has also learned that experts with the University of Texas are planning to visit Wimberley soon to teach flood victims how to best salvage their flood-damaged photographs.

Go here for the “Found Photos in Wimberley” Facebook page

Interview with Alison Macrina (@flexlibris)

Interview with Alison Macrina (@flexlibris)


Flickr Mike Mozart (CC BY-2.0) Flickr Mike Mozart (CC BY-2.0),

As we enter the “information sciences,” LIS students cannot help but be on the front lines of recent important debates in digital privacy. While digital privacy issues have simmered below the surface long since the explosion of the internet, it has most recently become a hotly contested issue surrounding the NSA spying program and the whistleblowing efforts of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. For today’s post, I reached out to Alison Macrina director of the Library Freedom Project. Alison, a 2015 Library Journal Mover and Shaker, was featured in a front page article in The Nation two weeks ago []. I asked Alison some questions about the project and what LIS students can do to stay informed and safe.

For more information follow Alison Macrina @flexlibris as well as at

1.            Tells us a little bit about the project and what all’s
been going…

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Things I Miss about Library School–and What I’m Doing About It!

Things I Miss about Library School–and What I’m Doing About It!

This is so funny because I realized that I was doing this just the other day! I graduated about a year and a half ago and it recently dawned on me that I was filling up my time with things that I used to do all the time during grad school: I read about libraries (journals and online), I talk to others about libraries (mostly through twitter and listserv) and I write about libraries (on my blog). Guess I am hooked. 🙂 Great post!


keep-calm-and-keep-growing-1Since I graduated from North Carolina Central University with a Masters in Library Science last December, I’ve had about five months (where does the time go?) to catch up some on R & R, time with family and friends, pleasure reading, and some television shows. I’ve enjoyed a beach vacation and three conferences (ALA Midwinter, the North Carolina Serials Conference, and ACRL) without juggling homework and class lectures, which has been really nice! I was surprised to realize, though, that there are some things about library school that I really miss. Here are a few of them, and what I’m doing about it:

  • Learning new things every semester: While working on my MLS, each semester & summer session, I registered for new classes, had assignments with deadlines, and enjoyed the weekly discussions with classmates and professors. It was great to have a schedule with deadlines throughout the semester to…

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@UTiSchool helping flood victims salvage documents & heirlooms following Central Texas severe weather

@UTiSchool helping flood victims salvage documents & heirlooms following Central Texas severe weather

AUSTIN, Texas — Conservators and students at The University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information are available to provide advice and limited disaster recovery assistance to help this weekend’s flood victims salvage damaged family treasures.

Wet papers and photographs, textiles, scrapbooks, books and other sentimental objects should be frozen, if possible, and not thrown out, the conservators say.

Losing such items can be devastating after disasters such as floods. Luckily, many things can be salvaged with proper guidance.

Flood victims are urged to contact the iSchool for advice on conservation at 512-903-9564

Faculty members and students also plan to host salvage workshops in areas most affected by flooding during the next few weeks and will schedule those sessions soon. Please if you are interested in hosting or attending a salvage session.

Faculty members are also available for media interviews to discuss document conservation.

via UT Austin iSchool Can Help Flood Victims Salvage Documents and Heirlooms | UT News | The University of Texas at Austin.

Scratch Drawing Project: Smiley!

Scratch Drawing Project: Smiley!

I am loving the Scratch MOOC I am taking! I just completed my drawing project. If any librarians were wanting to teach students or patrons how to code using Scratch, I highly recommend this course. You can model programs on the module homework and projects and watch the kids have a wonderful time. I have been meaning to sit and play with Scratch for awhile now. This course is keeping me motivated to play with different aspects to complete the modules.

Here is my completed drawing project!

The Library Facebook Images Dropbox Collection

The Library Facebook Images Dropbox Collection

A guy named Ben Bizzle created a Dropbox folder called “Library Facebook Images Dropbox” to collect and share freely images that libraries could use on social media. What a wonderful tool! The collection has apparently grown to over 1,000 images with more than 800 librarians accessing the content. It seems they have outgrown Dropbox and moved the collection to You can sign up for an account and find images in categories like animals, banned, cover photos, memes, and quotes!

The Dropbox folder will be gone as of June 1.

via The Dropbox | Library Market.

IMLS Offers Free Webinar on Immigration Services for Public Libraries

IMLS Offers Free Webinar on Immigration Services for Public Libraries

This might be handy for some of our public libraries here in Texas!

Next week, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will host a free webinar for public librarians on the topic of immigration and U.S. citizenship. Join in to learn more about what resources are available to assist libraries that provide immigrant and adult education services. The webinar will provide an overview of how libraries can expand these services and even acquire free materials to display.

Webinar Details
Date: May 27, 2015
Time: 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. EDT
Click here to register

Prior participation in previous webinars on this topic is not required. Registration is not requried, but the agencies recomment that you check your system for compatibility in advance.

This series was developed as part of a partnership between IMLS and USCIS to ensure that librarians have the necessary tools and knowledge to refer their patrons to accurate and reliable sources of information on immigration-related topics. To find out more about the partnership and the webinar series, visit theServing New Americans page of the IMLS website or on the USCIS website.

via IMLS announces new immigration webinar for public libraries – District Dispatch.

Achievement unlocked!

Achievement unlocked!

Today I earned my first digital badge by completing the Exploring User Experience in Public Libraries MOOC a couple of weeks ago. This may be nothing more than an indication of participation and completion… but still a little exciting. 😛

Badge Details

  • Title


  • Description
    This badge is earned by completing all four modules of the MOOC, Are you Experienced? Exploring User Experience in Public Libraries [customer service, youth services, technology management, and community engagement] at the intermediate level. The course was led by faculty members from the Department of Library and Information Science in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University in Indianapolis.

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