Interview with Alison Macrina (@flexlibris)

Interview with Alison Macrina (@flexlibris)


Flickr Mike Mozart (CC BY-2.0) Flickr Mike Mozart (CC BY-2.0),

As we enter the “information sciences,” LIS students cannot help but be on the front lines of recent important debates in digital privacy. While digital privacy issues have simmered below the surface long since the explosion of the internet, it has most recently become a hotly contested issue surrounding the NSA spying program and the whistleblowing efforts of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. For today’s post, I reached out to Alison Macrina director of the Library Freedom Project. Alison, a 2015 Library Journal Mover and Shaker, was featured in a front page article in The Nation two weeks ago []. I asked Alison some questions about the project and what LIS students can do to stay informed and safe.

For more information follow Alison Macrina @flexlibris as well as at

1.            Tells us a little bit about the project and what all’s
been going…

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