Bots & Books 2015: Wrapping up another quarter

Bots & Books 2015: Wrapping up another quarter

May closes out a very busy 3rd quarter for Bots & Books! Many libraries held camps during Spring Break and several had kick off events to tease their LEGO robotics kits for Summer Reading Program usage. Here are just a few of the wonderful images that are coming in!

The Smithville Public Library got some wonderful newspaper coverage of their Spring Break events!


Smithville Public Library

Taylor Public Library patrons were lucky enough to have a big Maker Fair on March 17!


Taylor Public Library

Harker Heights had a big turnout at their Build A Bot event on March 16.

harker heights

Harker Heights Public Library

And the Corpus Christi Public Library is working with local Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts groups!

Corpus Girl Scounts Q3 4

via Connecting Texas Libraries Statewide

CHIP – The World’s First Nine Dollar Computer

CHIP – The World’s First Nine Dollar Computer

Awhile back, I saw @flexlibris of the Library Freedom Project talking about the Kilton Library in Lebanon, NH that  had all of their catalog computers on Raspberry Pi computers and all of their PAC on Linux. I thought this was brilliant. Why have SO much computer when you are only accessing the catalog? Then I saw this:

This is a Kickstarter for a $9 dollar computer called CHIP. It closes at 9am on June 6th… in 2 hours. They had a goal of raising $50,000. As of this morning, they had just under 40,000 backers and had raised $2,060,930!!!

My mind spins thinking of all the ways such inexpensive computers could be used. In libraries, these could replace all of your catalog computers. And self-checkout with an RFID reader? And programming?! I just finished purchasing laptops that could be used with WeDo kits for robotics programming… This would have let us purchase so many more kits! I can’t wait to see how these work… and how they could change everything!

EdX & W3C HTML5 MOOC begins June 1

EdX & W3C HTML5 MOOC begins June 1

As I have said before, I am digging more into coding since I started working with LEGO robotics kits with public libraries all around Texas. I am saving lots of resources (with an emphasis on FREE) on learning how to code here. Even though I am also currently taking a course on Scratch, my husband and I are going to be challenging each other by taking an HTML5 MOOC together offered through EdX by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), developer of web standards and currently run by some guy named Tim Berners-Lee. It begins today, Monday, June 1st!

All of this online coursework makes me feel like I am back in grad school! I have been keeping up with lots of LIS reading but have been mostly just sharing on Twitter as I haven’t had much time to write. Oh, and I am finally getting around to a little light reading, too. I was rather pleased when I realized that I was using a Library Freedom Project sticker to bookmark my latest read, Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. 🙂

2015-05-31 20.25.05