Be a hero to your community: Making SRP incentives charitable

I love this idea from Keen on Librarianship.

“I became inspired by the hero theme and decided that this year we were going to challenge Summer Reading participants to “be a hero for their community.” Instead of getting prizes or coupons for completing each level, the kids and teens received a sticker that allowed them to vote for one of three community organizations to receive a donation at the end of the summer. Ultimately, all three organizations would receive something, but it was up to the kids to decide who the number one winner would be.”

Check out her entire post on why they got rid of prizes and made most SRP incentives charitable here.

Keen on Librarianship

My very first independently planned and executed Summer Library Program is officially inslp1 the books. Phew! It is a relief to be done, but man those six weeks sure flew by! Over the next few weeks I plan to post a series of SLP write-ups, covering everything from incentives (which I’ll be posting about now) to weekly themes (yes, I did themes-within-the-theme), to specific programs that I thought were particularly successful. I’ll talk about the things that went well as well as the things that I’d like to change for next year. After all, this is just one giant learning process, is it not?

This year’s theme was Every Hero Has a Story, so we celebrated heroes of all kinds including–but certainly not limited to–superheroes. Last year, the librarian in my position made a wonderful move to cut down on cheesy prizes, instead offering coupons from local food joints and area…

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