Clean blog, clean blog! Move down!

Clean blog, clean blog! Move down!


I have had a very hectic year personally. Multiple family emergencies have taken a lot of my attention and extra time. I have had to let #publibchat slide for a few months while I work through all of this. Luckily I haven’t let this get me down too badly. I know I will bounce back when the time is right. In an effort to get my professional self together more, I am migrating this blog over to If you are following on RSS, please update your feed! I hope that very soon I will be able to offer more there.

Thanks for following and for moving with me!

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July #YouthShare: News You Can Use

July #YouthShare: News You Can Use

July YouthShare: News You Can Use

by Katelyn Patterson

Save the Date for Showcase!

Please save the date for our annual Central Texas Performer Showcase to be held at the Georgetown Public Library on Friday, November 3rd. Registration to attend will be sent out closer to the event, but mark your calendars so you can see before you hire!

Tell Us About Your Summer

We are getting reports in from around Texas about how everyone’s summer reading programs are going including photos of packed programs and favorite performers and speakers. For example, Clifton is on course to have a record setting number of participants this year! Please let us know how your summer is going. Who have your favorite performers been? Please send me an email and let me know if it is ok to share with others. Thank you!

No Kid Hungry

Low income families are hit hard during the summer when children lose access to school meals, reporting that grocery bills can be up to $300 higher every month. Federal summer meal sites can help ease the burden. Through an organization called No Kid Hungry, you can help connect patrons to these local sites by

  • Texting: Text ‘FOOD’ or ‘COMIDA’ to 877-877 to find a site near you
  • Locating a Summer Meal Site on a map: Go to find a site online
  • Calling for more information: Call 1-866-3HUNGRY to find a site and learn more

Youth Mental Health First Aid

As librarians we are always learning new ways that we can be a resource to our communities. For many who struggle with mental health illness and substance abuse, the library could actually be a lifeline. For instance, librarians at the Free Library of Philadelphia’s McPherson Square Branch are currently struggling with a very serious overdose problem. The librarians there are becoming first-responders by administering Narcan to overdose victims, a medication that can block the effects of opioids. A youth services librarian at the Wilton Public and Gregg Free Library in New Hampshire recently spoke with American Libraries Magazine about becoming trained to help youth that are struggling with mental health issues.

The training she took is called Youth Mental Health First Aid and I was able to attend one in New Braunfels this month. Offered by the organization Mental Health First Aid, this was an all day training about how to recognize the signs and symptoms of someone struggling and how to effectively reach out to them to get them the help they need. The training that I attended was aimed specifically at youth, but they have programs for adults, too. You can search for a training near you on their website.

The training was provided at no cost. The instructors are local and provided active crisis intervention during the Wimberley Memorial Day Floods of 2015.

I feel better equipped to recognize a struggling adolescent and how to handle that situation. We will put the manual in the CTLS Professional Collection for those interested in learning more, but I recommend the training for the scenario and peer practice that is provided.