It is snowing in the library!

It is snowing in the library!

This week I got to make some great bookart holiday decorations that I wanted to share.

First I made this totally secular (hmmm….) tree. Very simple, though a little monotonous and time consuming. This tree took me about 45 minutes. But it is the perfect activity for when you need to turn your brain off.


These are the instructions I followed.

Then I got to make these lovely snowflakes from weeded books. I was told how to do this so I took pictures and will include the steps here.

First, close your eyes, bite your lip, and then squeal a little bit while you tear some pages out of a book. Using a paper cutter or scissors, make them square. Like so…


Fold that in half to make a triangle.2016-11-30-19-11-58


And fold that in half again making a smaller triangle.2016-11-30-19-12-15


Now fold that triangle into thirds. So fold #1…2016-11-30-19-12-32


And then fold #2.2016-11-30-19-48-43

Now visualize a line that would make a smaller triangle. Here I have drawn it for you.


Cut along that line.



Discard everything but the triangle that is left.2016-11-30-19-49-33


Now get creative and cut out a design. Anything goes really as long as you don’t cut all the way through.2016-11-30-19-50-43


Unfold and you have your snowflake!2016-11-30-19-45-30

And here is one other decoration that would be great that I haven’t tried yet. These appear to be newspaper that has been cut, folded, and spray painted. They are lovely!



Where the Wild Things Are Decorations & Craft

Where the Wild Things Are Decorations & Craft

My son turned 2 earlier this month and we had a Where the Wild Things Are party. My husband and I had fun decorating and coming up with ideas. And of course, I must think the great brain that is Pinterest for much inspiration! I thought if anyone might appreciate what we did, it would be anyone reading this blog!

All of our decorations were simple made with standard craft supplies. Construction paper for tree leaves, crepe paper for vines and tree trunks, craft paper for tree trunk, and balloons for coconuts.

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120112 - HTC - 831C

Here we used craft paper rolled and crinkled to make tree trunks.

115655 - HTC - 831C

And our friends made crowns out of paper plates, glitter glue, gem stickers, and colors. This was a very inexpensive, passive craft that wasn’t too messy or too complicated. It was great for a crowd with a wide variety of ages. Would be great for an all-ages storytime! The only prep it requires is cutting the plates which doesn’t take much time at all.

115838 - HTC - 831C

Fold the plates in half and cut slices like a pie, not cutting to the edge of the plate. Cut along where you folded the plate, again not cutting to the edge. Decorate it while it is flat.  The points will naturally push out more when you are crowned king or queen of all the wild things! This video was a great tutorial.