Swiss Army Librarian » Circulating a Roku for Streaming Videos

Swiss Army Librarian » Circulating a Roku for Streaming Videos

Check out this great idea for circulating a Roku from the Swiss Army Librarian!

Our Roku circulates for one week, cannot be renewed, but can be requested. We’re also circulating it in a padded case that comes with a remote control, various cables to connect it to the patron’s television or digital projector, power supply, and instructions:


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Libraries Lending Telescopes

Libraries Lending Telescopes

I love a good unique collection. It gets public libraries thinking outside of the box of typical services we provide. What I like to say is “Find a hole and fill it!”. Some suburban libraries outside of Chicago are seeing success in lending telescopes so their patrons can experience the cosmos.

As someone who loves spending time looking through a telescope with her family, I can see how this would be a very popular program. In fact, my husband and I are members of the Austin Astronomical Society who has a lending program. Why not have this program through a public library? Clearly there are technical aspects about taking care of the scopes that an expert will have, but libraries could partner with organizations like the Austin Astronomical Society to help run the program. It would be more visible through the public library since people are already coming there to borrow things. I also love a good community partner. See how that works out? 🙂

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Illegal Seed Libraries Becoming Legit in Nebraska

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS In this Dec. 18 photo, Betsy Goodman looks over seed packets at the Benson Public Library in Omaha. Goodman established a seed library at the branch in 2012, and patrons checked out nearly 5,000 packets in 2014.

Nebraska seed libraries find themselves in a bit of a predicament. They’re technically illegal.

So far, nobody has beaten down the door at the three Omaha Public Library branches that have seed-sharing programs.
But according to statute, the programs violate the law by not meeting vigorous testing and packaging requirements intended for the sale of seeds.
A bill proposed by State Sen. Burke Harr of Omaha aims to change that. Legislative Bill 544, to be heard in the Legislature today is aimed at repealing what Harr calls “out of date legislation” and replacing it with new language that encourages community gardens and seed sharing.
“I think everyone sees the importance of (seed libraries), but old legislation didn’t foresee these, so we’ve got to clarify what the statute is,” Harr said. “They weren’t meant to be outlawed.”
The change in language offers seed libraries protection from some of the regulations and restraints put on seed companies. Most libraries aren’t able to afford the testing required to conform to the current law.
Harr said he expects little resistance to the bill.

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