Welcome to the library!

Welcome to the library!

Customer Service May 18 2015

That right there is why I have maintained radio silence lately. I have been doing tons of research and preparing my slides to present at the Fayette Public Library in La Grange next Monday, May 18th about providing excellent customer service in the library. Though I kind of inherited this topic from a coworker who retired, I have really prepped this workshop from the ground up. And this is my first one to take on as a consultant. To quote a favorite musical, I’m “excited and scared”. 🙂

So much library customer service training seems to be reactive, talking about what we should do about these darn “problem patrons” who come in and muck everything up. I really want to present a more positive, preventative approach to customer service. I still plan to talk about how to handle the common difficult situations, of course. No training would be complete without addressing those issues.

I asked those attending to submit any specific questions or issues they might be experiencing that they would like addressed and I am so glad that I did! The issues sent in were ones that I hadn’t really addressed and were very important ones such as language barrier and how to assist a troubled teen.

As with any presentation, I am pulling together resources of work done by others. I have been collecting them in a Pinterest board here in case anyone is interested:

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I am looking forward to my presentation and hope that I am able to make a difference for some of these libraries. Think happy thoughts for me (and them) on Monday!